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Xbox Portable Media Center Unveiled; Carries Content From CinemaNow, Napster & EMI

Bill Gates showed off it new Portable Media Center for Xbox and PC, at the CES yesterday… the company’s new software for Xbox, PC and handheld devices lets users share media such as image files, movie files and audio files from any PC with Windows XP Media Center Edition, and on Xbox – in any room of the house. In a move squarely aiming to strengthen Microsoft’s entry into the entertainment market, handheld media devices will be compatible – some not looking to dissimilar from Sony’s PSP concept design.

Besides user’s own content, MSFT has tied up with CinemaNow, EMI Music and Napster.

CinemaNow will make available titles from its library of more than 4,200 feature films, for rent or “download-to-own.” The latter option is a new capability that will allow people to purchase and download a permanent copy of a digital file for unlimited playback on Portable Media Centers.

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