Dumb analyst quote of the day….


From The New York Times:

bq. Roger Entner, a telecommunications analyst with the Yankee Group, a market research firm, said that AT&T Wireless now has the fastest data network, which permits users to download data at about 100 kilobits to 130 kilobits a second. Verizon Wireless expects to offer speeds of 300 kilobits to 500 kilobits a second, which is comparable to typical downloading speeds on digital service lines or cable modem lines, Mr. Entner said. He said Cingular and Sprint typically offer slower wireless data transmission speeds, but he expects them to upgrade their networks.

Okay maybe as fast as DSL from the Baby Bells, but even the worst performing cable broadband networks are doing better than 500 kilobits per second. I mean, even Adelphia does better. Why do guys like Entner get any press..why? why?

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