Number Portability, the early results.


Put this on your to do list: watch and read all you can about the forthcoming quarterly earnings announcements from the six major cell phone carriers. These reports will clearly outline, who is winning and who is losing from the local number portability. Early signs show that carriers with bad networks are losing out to carriers with good networks.

Looks like Verizon Wireless is turning out to be a big winner, and the recent top marks in a Consumer Reports magazine survey are only going to help increase the number of users who may defect to Verizon. AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile were at the bottom of the pile. (Which might be because both are using GSM technologies and their networks are still under development.) Sprint despite some early worries about customer loss is doing well, according to MobileTracker and according to a news release by the company, Sprint PCS is expected to announce that it added 1 million subscribers in Q4.

But I would say that these are early days. Consumer Reports points out that 80% of users had experienced mobile phone problems, such as dropped calls or busy signals. 60% said they were not satisfied with their carrier’s responses to such problems. On top of that, 26% say that they’ve been overcharged on their mobile phone bills by at least $10.

bq. “Consumers still face what we call ‘cell hell,’ ” said James Guest, chief executive of the magazine’s publisher, the not-for-profit Consumers Union, during a teleconference yesterday. “Companies introduce phones that take pictures, send text messages, offer lots of ring tones and color screens. What consumers really want the most is to get through to 911 when they need to.” (Seattle PI)

Of course all this will lead to consolidation, as predicted by The Daily Deal. No shit!

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