Columbus, Kansas goes fiber


Columbus, Kansas has joined the fiber to the home revolution. Columbus Telephone Company (Kansas), a customer-owned and operated utility in the southeast corner of the state has started construction of a new Ïfiber-to-the-premisesÓ (FTTP) network reaching all of the companyÌs almost 3400 subscribers will begin this month.ð This new optical network is expected to be complted by end of 2004.

“We call this project our ‘broadband voyage of discovery,'” said Jim Dahmen, General Manager of Columbus Telephone Co.ð It was created in 1905 by Columbus citizens. The plan is to help attract more businesses to the city. “Why not take a look at Columbus, Kansas as a place to do business?’ð With a network featuring buried fiber optic plant to schools, businesses, and homes and voice over Internet protocol switching [vendor selection in process], we are positioned to keep pace with all the innovations in the telecommunications arena for the foreseeable future.” The network is being powered by Wave7Optics gear. Columbus Telephone Co. can provide each of their customers access speeds from 256 kbps up to a maximum of 500 Mbps.ð

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