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John Dvorak, a columnist to reckon with (atleast when Bill and Steve roamed the planet), and just when you think he is way past due his editorial expiration date, he does come up with a good one. Lately his columns have become nothing but rants, but today the old warhorse camr up with an observation that is so on the money, that makes you pause and say…maybe the old guy is for real. In his recent column for PCWorldDvorak asks the most important question, many of us have overlooked:

bq. Now that the cell phone can be a pocket computer that has MP3 capabilities, the ability to stream movies, PDA features, a built-in camera and voice recorder, an AM/FM radio, a Web browser, and can be a GameBoy killer, you can think of it as the ultimate computer. Add some GPS capabilities, mapping, a TV tuner and other features (hence the need for a hard disk), and you are not too far away from a cell phone becoming a PC. This is what’s overlooked, here. While the attention is paid to the phone itself, since placing calls appears to be the primary function, why hasn’t someone brought this all to the next level: the desktop PC replacement?

John you still doing it old skool or not, but for god sake, if you are going to indulge in name dropping, please spell Dan Gillmor‘s name correctly. You called him and I quote, “San Jose Mercury News columnist Dan Gilmore.”

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