Trouble for 3F W-CDMA?


South Korea has become a defacto test bed for anything broadband, and what it decides does have major implications around the world. The Korea Herald is reporting that the going might be tough for W-CDMA in that country, which does not bode well for the technology that is supposed to replace the GSM standard in the 3G world. SKTelecom and KTF Co says that “Customers will be allowed to sign up for rental W-CDMA services because the handsets are too expensive and there are a slew of technical problems.” According to the report, folks over in South Korea are happy with what they got. “The problem is that both SK Telecom and KTF want to delay or cancel W-CDMA service in consideration of its poor commercial potential. Experts said there is little difference between W-CDMA and CDMA2000 1x services in terms of voice and data functionality,” The Korea Herald adds.

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