Why Rural Broadband?


It all started with one simple email. That very poignant email prompted me to start looking into a new kind of a trend, which is gaining momentum around the country – rural broadband. The more I looked into this trend, the more I was convinced that this was going to be the catalyst of economic growth in areas which have long been forgotten by mainstream America, large telecom and cable companies.

These tiny communities, many with as few as 400 residents and others as large as 10,000, are taking their broadband destiny in their own hands. Frustrated by lack of broadband services, these small towns have come up with a new economic equation, which will bring the rural America into the 21st century. I plan to visit many of these hard to get to places and see the impact broadband is making in the lives of these gentle country folk. Comeback for continued coverage, and expanded research and links to the rural broadband related organizations and companies.

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