Verizon, the broadband company?

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Well if you are feeling perplexed by the headline, then you understand how I felt about the doublespeak in this interview with Verizon’s regional president, Donna Cupelo.

bq. Not only in Massachusetts, but nationwide, we are transforming our network into one that is based on Internet Protocol technology. Our plan is to dramatically accelerate that in 2004.

Really? This is a new tune the company is singing – laudable, very laudable. But why the exit clause?

bq. I think the depth and breadth of our deployment will depend on some clear guidelines around new technology and new deployment and less regulation. We will continue to deploy fiber as we have successfully in such significant magnitude. But as far as the acceleration of that investment — which we believe has some real connection to economic development and job growth, not just in our industry but in the spinoff benefits — we can’t do any of that acceleration unless we have clear guidelines.

Verizon is planning to roll out fiber to the home project sometime in 2004, is one of the Baby Bells that offers mid-band DSL. It plans to add about one million fiber enabled homes per year, and it would take upto 2020 before the entire Verizon region will get enabled.

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