Ex-Forbes.com Editor on MicroPubs


The essay I wrote about MicroPubs is still generating some talk. David Churbuck, former editor of Forbes.com weighs in with his thoughts on the niches.

bq. The riches are in the niches. The rise of a few crucial support services have made micro-pubs even more of a viable business than they were ten years ago. Niche publishing models come down marrying readers with a prediliction towards some “thing” with advertisers trying to sell those “things.” One of the best historical antecedents was the rise of magazines in the 60s about skiing, stereos, photography …. which flourished during a period of decline for general titles like Life, Look and the Saturday Evening Post.

You can read his comments here. Also read my accompanying essay on why some Ad Networks are ignoring Weblogs as an advertising medium.

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