Weblogs get no respect from Ad Networks.

About two weeks ago, encouraged by the healthy traffic trends, I opted to sign-up for a couple of advertising networks to see if I could get them to place advertisements on GigaOM.com. The two networks, which I signed up for included Tribal Fusion, and ValueClick. These came highly recommended by fellow webloggers, including the editors of eHomeUpgrade.com.

Much to my surprise I got a rejection email from both of them, within a few hours. I was intrigued as to the outright rejection for some of them were placing ads on really outlandish websites. Not discouraged, I got in touch with Dilip DeSouza,the CEO/Founder of Emeryville, CA-based Tribal Fusion.

DeSouza, in course of a conversation, rejected the idea of placing ads on weblogs – ever. “We don’t accept weblogs, and we view them as forums and that we often find that the users are very sticky,” he said. In other words same people show up day after day. “We represent a site that has quality content, significant content and has a targeted content model.” He dismissed blogs as rantings of teens and angst. You know the usual bias against blogs.

His comments, kind of go against the grain of Micro Pubs, an idea that I had floated a few weeks back. I thought the value in advertising comes from a community which is cohesive and is highly targeted. Gadget lovers adore Gizmodo, and I am assuming many folks find my mostly original reporting on broadband of some value. I see immense value in the journalistic skills of Rafat Ali.

The point of this post is, that if weblogs are not going to get any respect from these tiny ad networks, isn’t it time for the community to come up with its own weblog only ad-network. Google AdWords are fantastic, but I think it is time we build a network of our own. Any takers?