LG to Nokia: We got you

LG Electronics, after making waves in the cell phone handset business is kicking off a new $300 million branding campaign and has unveiled a brand new giant screen in New York’s Time Square. According to this report, T.J. Lee, LG Electronics U.S. president, is part of company mobile handsets, appliances and consumer electronics products in this country.

Globally, LG is a well known brand, but in US it has pretty low brand awareness. But expect the LG logo to show up in more and more phones. Lee hopes that by “by the end of next year we expect to be the No. 3 player, globally in mobile phones.” With $29 billion in sales, LG already is No. 1 market-share status in global CDMA

Let me tell you that is not good news for Nokia. I think Nokia is going to have a horrible 2004, it would continue to lose market share to the likes of LG and Samsung. Now if somehow one could get LG PR to get their act together.