AT&T’s Utopia

AT&T has signed on as the first provider of voice, video and data services over the $530 million UTOPIA network that connects 18 cities in Utah and providers fiber connections to residents and businesses, reports Salt Lake Tribune.

bq. AT&T initially will receive exclusive access to the network. Within a year, though, Utopia hopes to sign on additional providers to offer services the same as or different from AT&T. Comcast spokeswoman Barb Shelley called AT&T’s announcement “more than ironic.” In November 2002, AT&T Broadband sold its fiber-optic network in Utah to Comcast, which now provides the same or similar services that AT&T plans to provide over the Utopia system.

Lets hope this is more than just a pilot project, for it would be wonderful to see cities, municipalities and states take their broadband future in their own hands.