TheBig Dig: Naming the Enterprise


Well, it seems, people don’t like change…overwhelmingly, my readers did not like the name change to ContentTimes. Me, all I like is change, for the simple reason that I cannot afford not to. As a journalist, I have to be on the curve, whatever that curve happens to be…of course, within the broad confines of my area of coverage of the business side of digital media. The key phrase is the business side of digital media…if I sit back and assume that whatever niche I have chosen to cover right now is what it will be two years from now, I would be committing the biggest mistake a journalist can commit: stasis.

Right now, it all seems very comfortable: I am covering a topic which a lot of media and entertainment companies are looking towards. Two years down the line, it will be a part of the overall media mix, much like every mature industry becomes. Right now, the ad revenues are coming in with a decent clip…but vendors in this industry are start-ups. Once the shakeout starts happening, my revenues will also suffer. Plus, I cannot go on like this, working 12-14 hours a day, handling the editorial, business, design and on top of that, the punishing travel schedule.

I have to start thinking about developing this into a more stable and self-sustaining entity: that means I have to get rid of the .org tag anyway (I am NOT a non-profit, however much the world would like journalists to be subsisting on minimal salaries!). What it also means is that it has to become like a media company…much as I hate to lose the magic, some of it will definitely be. Maybe it is even necessary, at the altar of long terms goals. Who knows it might end up looking like a very trade-media company.

Hence the name has to reflect that broad and long-tem coverage area?that the focus will be the business side of digital media is given. Within that, various niches with sub-brands/names will develop, much like, on mobile content. Perhaps categories like broadband, sports etc will develop into separate areas…maybe even things like TV-Over-IP.

What that means is that once my formal company is formed (with some sort of seed funding, for which I am doing some ground work), I will focus solely on the editorial direction side, bring in a CEO who drives the business/operational side, perhaps hire couple of blogger-journalists who drive deep into the niches, and couple of sales people for ad/subscription sales, research and events. That’s the plan. So how far do you think a name like will drive this company? That’s the filter I have to think through…

Happy holidays! And thanks to all my readers for the support and readership…

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