Anatomy of the Ipass-TMobile deal


The good folks at WiFiNetNews are quite impressed by Ken Denman, CEO of iPass. They chatted with him last week and talked to him about how the IPass-T-Mobile deal got done.

bq. Denman was around when iPass originally made a deal with MobileStar, then he watched MobileStar head to bankruptcy. But he managed to keep the doors open to making another deal with T-Mobile, which scooped up MobileStar. Apparently negotiations on the details of the T-Mobile deal were stalling but Denman got pulled in and both sides gave up ground to make it happen. IPass is in the midst of making a similar deal with Cometa, where Denman is equally respected. Not to add to the lovefest here, but Glenn and I talked to Denman a week or so ago about the T-Moble deal and we were impressed that Denman seems like a regular guy–he’s not full of lame marketing-speak. He also seems to know what he’s talking about–he’s not just a smooth, figurehead CEO. (From WiFiNetNews)

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