Blog Update and what’s cooking


Call me a glutton for punishment, but past two weeks have been spent in extremely cold conditions. A week long trip to the East Coast, while fun was a rude reminder of the harsh climes of New York and New Jersey. Last week I visited Truckee, a small town tucked in the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains. Perhaps, that’s why I am planning to enjoy the sun, which has finally peeked out from under the cloudy San Francisco skies. (Any that explains why the posting has been light for past couple of weeks!)

* As you might have noticed that there are some changes which have been implemented at the weblog. We have switched to a three column layout, and hopefully this will reduce the clutter that was created by the Google TextAds.
* I have added a new micro section, Headlines (center column) which will link to some of the more interesting broadband related stories, but I don’t want to comment on anyone of them. This way, the main column can be reserved for more original reporting and longer pieces.
* Also my PowerBook 12-inch has found a new home, and I am shopping for a new one. The big confusion – whether to go for the 15 inch or the 17-inch PowerBook. Your words of wisdom would be deeply appreciated.
* If you type Tech.Blogs.Com, you will end up here.

Now to what’s coming to

Over next two weeks I am planning to do a 10-part series on What’s Next for Telecom in 2004. It will include analysis of five big Telecom companies that will be making waves (for right or wrong reasons) through next 12-months. These include Verizon, Qwest, AT&T, Nokia, Nortel, and Sonus Networks. Amongst the trends, I am planning to analyze the state of the bandwidth market, voice over the internet, cable broadband, fiber to the home, x86 in the communications business, and lastly the rise of rural broadband. The ten-part report will appear over a period of three weeks. I am going to offer this as a single PDF download for those interested, and the total package with profiles of the companies and other cool stuff is going to cost you a tiny bit of money. (Somehow have to pay for the new computer for god sake!)

I am off to get some R&R and Sun. Finally….

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