When it comes to public perceptions and number portability, AT&T Wireless is taking it on the chin these days. The company keeps getting negative ink for not being able to support number switching. Rightfully so I think.

On the flip side, Verizon Wireless is raking it in according to a latest study conducted by Solomon-Wolff Associates. Joey Wolff, partner, Solomon-Wolff Associates points out that
those who use the largest wireless company, Verizon Wireless, are less interested in switching than customers of other brands. “Almost a third of Verizon Wireless customers say they are completely satisfied. Only 25 percent of the users of other major brands say they are completely satisfied.”

Customers of the smallest major wireless companies, T-Mobile, are significantly more interested in switching. The research data suggests that Verizon Wireless will see an annual increase in churn of eight percent, while T-Mobile will see an increase of 30 percent.

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