How to play the VoIP bublet

0 Comments has a stock pick for all VoIP groupies.

bq. Telecom giant SBC Communications (nyse: SBC – news – people ) recently announced it was going to provide broadband voice beginning in 2004. Smith’s voice Web telephony pick? Santa Clara, Calif.-based 8X8 (nasdaq: EGHT – news – people ) and its Packet8 voice broadband technology. Unlike its better-known competitor, Vonage, 8X8 is a publicly traded Nasdaq stock. It trades for just under $4 per share

The article quotes, Tobin Smith of

bq. Smith is buying EGHT for a number of reasons. “First, it has a better product than Vonage,” he says. “Second, it just sold off its microelectronics business–it’s now a voice broadband pure play. And the pricing is the killer app here: It’s a flat fee, $19.95 a month for unlimited phone calls in the U.S. and Canada and $29.95 per month if you include Europe and Asia.”

What do they say about, a fool and his money soon part ways….blah! blah!

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