Sputnik Launches!

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David Sifry, one of the first few to figure out how to harness the power of commoditization and use the Moore’s Claw to his advantage has launched Sputnik. His latest product is Sputnik Central Control 2.2 (the flavor) and the award-winning AP 120 WiFi Access Point.

bq. These products make it easy for Wireless ISPs, Hotspot operators, and IT Services companies to roll out managed, authenticated wireless access. At $185 per AP, the Sputnik AP 120 (buy) is one half to one fifth the price of wireless Access Points with equivalent features.

bq. Sputnik Central Control (buy) acts as the centralized management console, and the $895 price includes a software license to manage up to 20 Access Points. Additional licensing packs are available as well. Add it all up, and the complete Sputnik system is at least one half to one tenth the price of similar solutions.

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