Rip that cord out

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Americans love to fly. It is their symbol of freedom to go anywhere anytime. Which is why I am surprised that they have not gotten rid of their lame land lines and gone totally wireless. However, that might be changing.

According to market research firm InsightExpress, found that almost one in three (31%) say they are likely to switch carriers once their contract is up; 18% of respondents say that they are likely to switch their current landline phone number to a wireless plan, making their cell their primary communications device. The survey also revealed that three in five Americans (59%) are aware of the November 24th portability law.

Ouch! That is not such good news for Baby Bells! Talking about bad news, the survey shows that when it comes to picking wireless carriers, cheap prices are number one on the consumers mind, while internet access and other monthly perks are low in priority.

While Americans may be preparing to disconnect from their current cell provider, certain carriers may find their number ringing more than others on November 24th, the report shows. 35 percent of consumers prefer AT&T, with Nextel at 21 percent and T-Mobile at 13%. Those can you here me now commercials, the man in the dark coat spots and rollover minutes are not cutting the mustard for Sprint, Verizon and Cingular.

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