Blog the Dog


Anyone seen that movie, Wag the Dog? It was a classic tale of life imitating art or something like that. Anyway I was observing an interesting trend today. For past couple of years the blogsphere used to take a cue from the institutional media and bloggers would comment on the news, reviews and views published in most of the newspapers and magazines of record. However, today it was the other way around.

Jeff Jarvis points to an article about Nick Denton and Gawker Media, in the New York Times today where it matters: in the business section. Andrew Ross sorkin wrote a good piece. And else where, in the Times, Tony Perkins gets roasted . Suddenly bloggers are making news, and the institutional media is writing about them. Or as I like to call it, Blog The Dog phenomenon



I saw Andrew Sorkin on Charlie Rose last night. I think he is weening himself off being a Wall St apologist as he too has come to realize the bankers’ folly (presumptuousness) in fighting attempts to regulate the industry so the crisis of 2008 doesn’t happen again. In case you are interested, I have just posted a piece based on his discussion.

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