Race to wire America

The New York Times has finally picked on what has been happening all around us – the quest for broadband. In a well reported piece the Times talks about ventures such as Utah Broadband.

bq. Nationally, there are around 1,800 wireless Internet access providers, said Robert Hoskins, publisher of Broadband Wireless Exchange, an online magazine focusing on the wireless Internet industry. “There’s still a huge pent-up demand from people who do not have D.S.L. or cable modem in their neighborhoods,” Mr. Hoskins said. A typical wireless Internet service provider, he said, has 10 to 20 employees and 300 to 500 customers; most of the activity is in suburbs with affluent neighborhoods.

It gives you a nice over view of the progress made by broadband in the boonies. As additional reading I recommend my own essay on this subject.