Vonage is everywhere?

Okay I lied a little bit. I mean Vonage is everywhere in the media, and that is not bad for a company with less than CFO on Kudlow & Cramer, and this morning it is top of the news on TheStreet.com. Which is not surprising that it is Cramer who is screaming, “Vonage could destroy Land Line telecos.” Sure and people can read Cramer’s column and become millionaires.

bq. But the simple, clean solution of a phone that plugs into your PC is the single-most killer app, the single-most destructive technology I’ve ever heard of. It’s like someone coming up with an engine that runs on water — what would ExxonMobil do to prevent that from happening? Right now, Vonage is a pimple on the face of the industry. But Vonage is, well, acne, to belabor the metaphor. Real tough to stop.

Sure that is a good thing. I think Jimmy boy misses the big picture. Telcos could do exactly the same. Oh wait, Qwest is doing exactly that. Did Cramer not read this? Nevertheless I do agree that Vonage business model is disruptive but so was booking airline tickets through Priceline.com on the cheap. Vonage will soon be part of some large phone company (or a cable company’s) portfolio and that is a good thing at least for the employees of Vonage. By the way I love my Vonage.