Wireless guys in the public eye

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For past two weeks or so, I have been focussing closely on the issue of wireless number portability, encouraged by my friend Peter over at Gizmodo. Peter is running a poll on the issue, and I for one am watching the developments quite closely. So what’s on the menu today? wireless advertising and the number portability.

If you read a story in the New York Times, you will find out that the wireless companies are not looking to boost their media spend, or as us common folk call it, advertising in the next few months. Why? Well the hokey reasons that have been offered by the phone companies don’t cut it, at least for me.

I think the real reason is that they have to figure out how to cut costs and not promote number portability because that is detrimental to their business. Less the consumer knows, the better it is for the phone companies.

Another story which caught my eye this morning was on MSNBC. which outlines that phone companies have struck deals with marketers (I am assuming mostly the bad tele-marketers) to let us bombard with marketing messages. More on this later.

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