Nothing winsome about Vivato


Last week I had a big piece on the Wi-Fi bubble and the trials and tribulations of Vivato and Trapeze. This morning, WiFiNetNews has an interesting little piece on how Vivato is trying to promote its latest so called win at Lincoln University

bq. The back-story of a press release like this is that Vivato finds it necessary to promote the installation of their equipment at institutions with unique characteristics rather than announcing the sale of their gear to Fortune 5000 companies or wireless ISPs.

Another reader pointed out the same and in an email wrote: “Vivato is a strange bird. They were the darling of Silicon Valley a couple of years ago, made it to the cover of Red Herring but to my surprise, they don’t have a single municipal wireless project. They’ve done little projects like HoopFest in Spokane (whoopee) and Lincoln University, but no real large city or town projects.”

Interesting point because this company has received more than $60 million in funding and have failed to win any big muni projects. In comparison, tiny mesh networking startups with a tiny fraction of the funding Vivato received and based in places such as rural England, Finland and northern Cal – have unwired municipalities all over the world. Vivato can’t even find a CEO, the company has been reorganized twice and who knows what else.

As a backgrounder you can read this old post of mine on the WLAN switch market.

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