Five best cell-phone plans in the US


Our friends at have come-up with the five best deals for wireless susbscribers. According to their ratings apparently T-Mobile is offering the best deals and that explains why the company is still gaining new users and is seeing little impact of the wireless number portability on their overall business.

T-Mobile $39.99 for 1,000 anytime minutes. No roaming or Long Distance in T-Mobile’s National Network


T-Mobile $39.99 for 600 anytime minutes (Monday-Thursday) and unlimited minutes during the “3 Day Weekend” (Friday-Sunday). Also no roaming or long distance in their nationwide network. (Note that T-Mobile tends to be the ‘value’ leader in terms of most minutes for the price in a given market).

Cingular $39.99 for 600 anytime local minutes + 5,000 night and weekend. Includes “rollover”, where your unused anytime minutes carry over to the next month. For $9.99/month/phone, can add up to 3 additional lines to share the plan minutes.

Sprint $45 for 500 anytime minutes + unlimited night and weekends. No roaming or long distance in Sprint nationwide network. For an additional $5/month, users can get unlimited PCS to PCS calling (to call other Sprint subscribers without using up minutes).

Verizon $39.99 for 400 anytime national minutes + 1,000 mobile-to-mobile minutes + unlimited nights and weekends. No long distance charges or roaming charges. (Note that Verizon tends to be slightly higher priced, as they leverage the market perception that they have the best network).

AT&T $29.99 for 250 local minutes + Unlimited Nights and Weekends + Free Long Distance.


Harry Nations

I understand that most all numbers regardless of Serviced Areas will qualify for porting by May 24th. Not able to substantiate
this information so far.

Thanks for any info you have,

Harry Nations

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