WLNP: Can You Hear Me Now! Good

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With number portability less than a month away, many are wondering which wireless carrier will be a winner and loser. MyRatePlan.com has just come out with a poll and an overwhelming majority of users are looking to switch to Verizon “can you hear me now” Wireless. As I had pointed out in my earlier article for Business 2.0, this is indeed good news for the VZ geek: he will be employed for some foreseeable future.

According to the poll, Verizon Wireless will have least amount of defections, while AT&T Wireless and Sprint may see significant net defections. This also explain why Verizon was the first major carrier to come out in favor of portability earlier this summer.  It may also indicate the effectiveness of the ubiquitous “Can You Hear Me Now?” ads that tout the carrier’s strong coverage area.  T-Mobile was second, most likely due to market awareness of their aggressive pricing. The results of the MyRatePlan.com polls shows that over 30% of respondents indicated “price” as their reason for switching, surprisingly close to “coverage” which came in at 39%.  

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