Calls to Scrap ‘Inappropriate’ BBC Web Services

Hugo Drayton, the former Telegraph internet boss who heads the British Internet Publishers’ Alliance has called for the BBC to scrap fantasy football, celebrity gossip and search engines from its internet service…He said he believed the BBC should be allowed to use licence-fee-payers’ money on internet services such as programme support, safe chat rooms, public services and news.

Separately, influential think tank Institute for Public Policy Research said it was “unacceptable” for the BBC services just to “spring up” without any regulation…”It’s not acceptable for the BBC suddenly to spring a service out of the box,” said Dr Ian Kearns, an associate director of the IPPR.

By the way, BBC online chief Ashley Highfield will take part in an online chat on Guardian Unlimited, on Thursday November 13 at 4pm GMT…so prepare your fangs!

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