Two new blogs


My dear friend, Alan Reiter has launched a new weblog, Camera Phone Report, which will focus on the latest developments in the camera phone business. If Alan’s old blog is any indication, this is going to be a fun read as well.

Here is what he had to e-say about why he started yet another blog

bq. In a fit of what I must only conclude was a complete mental collapse, I decided to create a second Weblog!  I have been thinking about it for a year, but the idea of doing a second Weblog for which I receive no money is so insane that I can only conclude the solar flares have completely destroyed my sense of fiscal responsibility!

Good Luck Alan!

In related developments, Occam Networks has launched, a collaborative Web site that will be a resource for independent operating companies and other carriers, offers white papers, business cases, technical reference documents, published articles and other neutral research materials. The goal of is to promote television as a telco-offered service that will allow carriers to compete aggressively against cable offerings and reach business and service-delivery goals.

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