Killing WLNP, one lawsuit at a time.


This morning I read a report on how AT&T and Cingular are planning to choke the WLNP.

bq. The reluctance of senators to support a delay in WLNP became apparent just as a federal appeals court Wednesday afternoon rejected a plea from AT&T Wireless Services Inc. and Cingular Wireless L.L.C. to require the FCC to either issue rules on wireline-to-wireless portability or delay the Nov. 24 mandate.

Even as this so called case was being heard, I had heard from one of the PR people from Cingular, who was responding to my article, Take the Number and Run. Here is what this person wrote in an email:

bq. Also, rather than a liability, we see WLNP as an opportunity to enhance our marketing efforts to our base of more than 23 million customers, as well as to customers who may be contemplating a move to Cingular.ð WeÌve begun targeted outreach to our customers who are nearing their contract expiration dates, to remind them that Cingular Ïfits you bestÓ with our suite of unique products and services.ð We are offering compelling phone and rate plan upgrades for these customers.

Long story short, yet another proof that sometimes phone companies talk from both sides of their mouth.

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