Wi-Fi bubble’s leaking air?


Quick Update: If interested, here is a little piece I did a while ago which pointed out the obvious, well at least that’s how it seems today. Here are excerpts:

bq. The WLAN ÏswitchÓ vendors – and there are many (e.g. Airespace, Trapeze, Aruba, and at least a dozen more) have caused a tremendous amount of confusion as to how the wireless gear space will evolve. For the most part, these companies offer hardware productsÛfancy, centrally managed access points. However, feeling the pressure to differentiate from Cisco, these vendors are focusing on unique monitoring and connectivity value propositions that, at least from a marketing standpoint, place them squarely on the fence that traditionally separates infrastructure and management in networking.

Two companies and more than 50 laid off: things are not looking good in the Wi-Fi land. In recent days Trapeze Networks, a Wi-Fi equipment maker cut approximately 30% of its staff, while Vivato, a San Francisco-based 802.11 switch manufacturer developing indoor and outdoor products cut 22 people. Vivato, as you might know has been searching for a chief executive for sometime now.

bq. This is the second round of layoffs for the struggling startup. In August, the firm laid off between 10 and 14 workers but said it planned to take more sales and marketing staff aboard.

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