For Bluetooth, the first million is the hardest.


It’s official – more than one million products built with Bluetoothwireless technology are shipping per week, according to a press release issued by the Bluetooth Speical Interest Group.

bq. “Bluetooth has hit a major milestone in its evolution as the technology enters the maturity stage of its lifecycle. A stable specification and installed base that runs into millions of units is proof that it has been a success,” said Michael Wall, industry analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “Even critics would be hard-pressed to name any other wireless communications technology that managed to achieve the volumes and diversity of deployment of Bluetooth in just six years.”

Errr! How about Wi—Fi, dude? And since I have been an early adopter of everything Bluetooth, you can fool million people one time, but not all the time.

UPDATE: Read this comment to get a complete low down on why Bluetooth is gaining popularity in Europe at least.

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