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It has been a long arduous journey but finally with the help of Mr. WebSpiffy, I have finally been able to come to what in all likelihood is going to be the final stop for my many weblogs.

There are many reasons why I have gone through many designs, permutations and combinations. At some point, I had hoped to have three separate weblogs –, which was going to be my personal blog; which was going to be a blog devoted to broadband business and Broadbandits Blog, a site devoted to the book I authored. However, at some point the whole thing became a bit too much for me to handle, especially with the increased workload at Business 2.0.

The digital”clutter had started to bog me down, and I failed to update either one of them with any regularity. Rafat Ali, the founder and editor of helped me see through this all and advised that I focus my energies on one weblog. So from this point forward, this is the site which is going to become the online journal that will accompany the daily adventures of a technology journalist. There is a lot of stuff I gather which does not end up in my stories. Some of it which is not pertinent to the stories I am working on will show up here.

However, most of it will be related to technology with an occasional rant about Yankees’ miserable performance in the World Series this year, or perhaps how things are changing here in America due to things like Outsourcing, or a sharp increase in the consumer credit.

Of course, I would continue to write and post links to things that relate to BroadBandits: Inside The $750 Billion Telecom Heist. (I hope you have bought your copy by now!)

There are a couple of new categories I am going to be introducing at this time – Moore’s Claw, which is going to explore how Moore’s Law and x86 architecture are creating technologies that make jobs redundant. Another category will focus on the Deflationary Net – how Internet is creating an unending deflation and change the economic landscape of the planet.

There is one little thing – my south Asian cultural kitsch weblog, is going to be now at a new home. You will notice that in the navigation bar, where you will notice three categories – Articles, which is a collection of my articles published in Business 2.0 and other print publications. Essays is where you will find some interviews and big picture articles which are open for “syndication.” Broadbandits will lead you to the recent reviews, and other details and related links about the book.

One last thing – please update the RSS Feed and your bookmarks.

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