One more reason why MCI should die


Yesterday, MCI, the new avatar of WorldCon, and dubbed by me as Most Corrupt Institution reported its August operating results. No surprise that despite bankruptcy protection and all the coddling from the powers that be, the sales were lower than July. 

MCI reported revenues of $2.01B compared to $2.12B in July.  Net income fell to $138M from $197M.  My opinion is that this company should not be given a slide because it has done so much wrong in the past. If left to its own devices it will self destruct and bring some sanity to the market.

Loop Capital is worried about “the fall in LD volume.” What are the ramifications for other long distance providers? Not much negative impact on AT&T which we feel is gaining traction. Sprint? Well lets leave that for another day.

One piece of advice to Capellas and Company – cut those lousy ads with Michael McDonald – it makes you seem, oh I don’t know so 1980s.

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