Cisco says it has phone companies’ number


This follows this morning’s announcement that Cisco won the core router contract from Verizon, while Juniper won the edge-routers. That is surprising given that the strengths of the two rivals are in exactly different categories. Cisco’s edge routers are well liked while Juniper has been whopping some serious ass with its core routers.

bq. The telephone equipment maker says the world’s telephone companies are “headed right in Cisco’s direction” by converting to modern dialing techniques, a claim rival Juniper Networks denies. [CNET]

All in all it makes you wonder how this deal got done. Verizon needs a wee bit of sanity check. According to one industry insider, “two suppliers makes sense, but you do that vertically, not horizontally.” We are also hearing that Cisco made a big promise about its somewhere in the future, Huge Fucking Router, Well HFR is still not here. Looks like Verizon might be making a bet on the wrong horse here!

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