Why the VoQ sucks?


From my In-Box : This is a review of the recently announced Sierra Wireless SmartPhone, which apparently is not very smart. I am still wondering when a MS SmartPhone will show up on these shores.

bq. There’s not a whole lot to love about the Voq. In trying to cram a PDA into an (ugly) phone form factor, the folks at Sierra Wireless have settled on a candy-bar device that uses an ill-conceived side-flipping QWERTY keyboard for text-entry. Flimsy and somewhat cramped, the keyboard makes typing a potentially hazardous (for the phone) chore. Resembling a television remote more than a smartphone, the Voq’s confusing array of navigation tools also makes finding your way around a bit difficult at first. The Voq has an identity crisis: it’s not sure if it wants to be a phone or a PDA. Unfortunately, with it’s smallish screen, poor keyboard, and oversized profile, it really doesn’t work well enough in either role.

Here is a link to a review from MSMobiles.

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