Problems Galore With BBC’s Creative Archives


As reported here first, BBC Creative Archives will be a tough one to pull off…Guardian picks up on my thread and reports that the problems are on various fronts: Reports following Dyke’s Edinburgh address celebrated the prospect of being able to access the BBC’s entire TV output going back to 1936 and radio back to 1922, not to mention the current output of eight TV channels, 10 radio networks and 43 languages of news output online. Sadly that is unlikely to be the case.

Other problems include copyrights, access etc. “While it’s giving no hints of a possible launch date, the chances of anything appearing before charter renewal in 2006 are slim.”

Time magazine also does a short story on BBC and broadband: “So while U.K. Web viewers will be able to watch for free, BBC lovers abroad may have to reach for their credit cards. ‘The government’s sure to force them to do this,’ says Peter White of Rethink Research, a U.K.-based digital media research company. White thinks a global broadband audience could eventually even eliminate the BBC’s need for license-fee funding.” Highly unlikely.

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