Did Jeff Pulver Steal My Idea?


Almost seven months ago, on a typically cold and harrowing day in New York, I met Jeff (Pulver) and his most efficient partner-in-arms Dan for a cup of coffee at Dean & Deluca near New York University. It was mere minutes away from Red Herring (version 1.0) offices. It was a rather interesting meeting, and we discussed the state of affairs of the industry, voice over internet protocol and how Pulver was going to start a revlolution.

Among the topics discussed, we talked about how to make VoIP message heard better. I suggested, how about a magazine, rather more of a Journal which would be written by some of the best names and smart people in the telecom business. Idea was to give it away for free at the numerous VoN conferences and make it as a quick handbook for anyone who wanted to keep up with latest in the world of VoIP.

A few weeks later Red Herring shut down, and then I went over to Business 2.0. Forgot all about the idea and got busy trying to make a new life in California. (New Yorkers don’t try this at home – it is a seriously painful experience!)

This morning, however, I visited David Isenberg’s new blog, and lo-and-behold, there was a link to a new magazine, Von Mag by Pulver and VoN.

Good one, Jeff for following up on my idea. It would have been nice to get a nod or even a courtsey email about the magazine. Oh well!

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