BIPA on BBC’s Online Review


Hugo Drayton, managing director of Hollinger Telegraph New Media, and the chairman of British Internet Publishers’ Alliance: [Talking about the response to the KPMG report the group is going to submit to Philip Graf, for the online review] “It is a nonsense report: it is just one of these reports that BBC has ordered [KPMG] to do it and they will do a nice job. It is one of those things where, just before the review, BBC goes out and uses my and your money to conduct a self-fulfilling report. It makes them look ridiculous. It talks about the market as if the market is the whole e-commerce market…it makes some wild mistakes.

Obviously, the most difficult part is to produce evidence to say that the commercial sector has been ruined. It is a very tough thing to do.

BIPA wants a few, simple things: Like most non-BBC bodies, including most of the government’s, we would like Ofcom to oversee BBC. There’s no point in having Ofcom if it is not going to regulate the single biggest media company. We want a proper approval process, ’cause right now they do whatever the hell they like. Once something is up and running, whether it is a search engine or anything else, it is very hard to put it down again. And there needs to proper accountability for what they are doing.”

AOP, which HAS BBC as a member, does not have an official position on the online review. But, of course.


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