McAfee Founder To Launch Music Service

Mercora, a startup headed by former McAfee CEO Srivats Sampath, is to launch a music service next month. But the newcomer is hoping to spur the creation of like-minded, music-loving minicommunities that can help sell new bands and artists to each other.

The self-funded company even plans a smidgen of peer-to-peer distribution, according to Sampath. Songs bought through the service will all be wrapped tightly in Microsoft copy-protection technology, but people may be able to download them from each other’s computers in order to save on bandwidth costs and download times, he said. “We want to build eBay for music…We want to build a trusted infrastructure where labels, artists and users come together.”

This is not the first legitimate P2P service: in UK, Wippit has been operating a P2P service since early 2000.

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