Soon it will be a wireless nation


It has been long time coming, but the era of connected cellular phones is finally here. Today Verizon announced that it was launching its high-speed cellular service in Washington and San Diego. Other cities to follow. This is a massive upgrade from the current 144 kbps service Verizon is pushing for about $80 a month.

> Verizon said its service will deliver average speeds of between 300 and 500 kilobits of data per second, on par with the wired broadband connections provided by DSL and cable TV.

Sprint has already rolled out its high-speed services but the her sub-144 kbps speeds. Cingular has a test project currently underway in Indianapolis, while AT&T Wireless plans for a nationwide roll-out later this year. That leaves Nextel and T-Mobile.

> In addition to improving laptop connections, cellular companies hope snappier data services will eventually boost sales of a new generation of multimedia-capable phones so Web surfing on a handset is finally practical. [ AP via The Washington Post ]

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