Return of the boom time hype-merchants


For past few days, I have watched Jason Calacanis, a wannabe publisher and Nick Denton, an almost entrepreneur takes pot shots at each other. Denton is dismissive of Calacanis’ new venture Weblogs, Inc. Their verbal sparring made me pause and then it came all together. Nick and whatever that dude who can’t write to save his life, are all part of a dot-com resurgence. Everyone is coming out of their cocoons, starting new ventures – mostly social networking start-ups, blogging start-ups or some sort of Wi-Fi project.

Even Bill Gurley and Benchmark are back. I think Nick should rephrase this sentence from “Jason Calacanis, founder of Silicon Alley Reporter and boom time hype-merchant, has re-emerged as a blog booster. God help us,” to “all the boom time hype-merchants have re-emerged. God help us.”

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