Media Call For BBC Internet Curbs


Commercial media companies in UK are to ask the Government for tough restrictions to be placed on the BBC’s internet activities, including a cost ceiling on its internet budget and a demand that it provide links to the news services of its competitors.

Major media bodies [under the banner of British Internet Publishers Alliance] including News International, IPC Media, the Commercial Radio Companies Association, Associated Newspapers and Guardian Newspapers. They are responding to a BBC-commissioned report by KPMG, which argued that the corporation was not damaging its rivals’ internet services.

Proposals sought include that BBC Online should be scaled back to being a ‘news portal’ and that it should release its internet source codes to commercial organisations.

On a related note, I was at the “Content Matters” conference last Friday in London, organized by Broadband Stakeholder Group (a private body funded in part by Department of Trade and Industry, UK). The conference was OK, nothing groundbreaking. But BBC’s online/digital media effort was the hotrod, again. Its plans to create “Creative Archives”, the free digital repository of its archives, came under some heated debate. Needless to say, quasi-govt types defended the move, while private companies thought it would kill an already dysfunctional market.

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