Heavy Un-Reading perhaps

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This surely had to be the goofiest headline and report of all time. LightReading, the much visited telecom website has come out with a report that costs a whopping $4950 dollars. In a headline today, the telecom news site says:

bq. One in five carriers don’t know Juniper makes core routers — and three out of four haven’t heard of Avici.

That perhaps is proof that this survey was all f**ked up because I am yet to meet a carrier who has not heard of Juniper. Perhaps the people who were surveyed had something to do with this. Later in the story, we have on analyst voicing what we really think.

bq. “It’s tough to believe that a service provider wouldn’t know one of the two main suppliers of core routing gear,” says Stephen Kamman, an analyst with CIBC World Markets.

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