Toward a Weblogging Empire

Wired News reports on Weblogs Inc, the project headed by Brian Alvey and backed by Jason Calacanis (and about which you read here first, of course): “Weblogs are sort of reinventing the space that I was part of, the class of 1995 publishers,” Calacanis says. “The same way Ziff Davis did well in the technology space, I see a huge opportunity to build the Ziff Davis of weblogging.”

Also, the story mentions the currently developing triad of independent blog publishers, and their differeing views: on one hand is the latest entrant Calacanis; on another is Nick Denton, who is more on the consumer side of things; and then there’s Tony Perkins, with his always off. On the sidelines, with the most indie cred among all of these is Corante, a somewhat under-appreciated effort by Hylton Jolliffe. If anyone wants to do a case study on the complexity of developing revenue streams through blogs, study Corante’s history and present efforts. Of course, Jolliffe is the incarnation of anti-hype, so chances are he won’t tell you much…

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