Weblogs Inc: The About.com of Trade Blogs?


This is the project which I have mentioned before, which former Silicon Alley Reporter founder Jason Calacanis is helping launch. The sites/project will formally launch in a couple of days: Calacanis will be the main backer and and Chairman of the venture. Brian Alvey, the ex-CTO of Rising Tide Studios (the parent company of SAR), will be heading the venture as the founding CEO.

It is an interesting model, as the “manifesto” on the holding page describes. It is similar to the About.com model, but only for trade. The focus is mainly tech/media/sciences. The nitty-gritty on the model is on the site, so I won’t repeat it here. In essence, it is “You the blogger/journalist concentrate on the writing part, we will handle the business and technical issues. And we split the revenues coming in.”

The tech engine behind this is being developed by Alvey, who believes it will be among the best publishing/CMS system ever built for media. Since I have worked with him in the past, I am probably willing to believe him. Alvey is also the lead developer at Happy Cog Studios, working with Jeffrey Zeldman, who perhaps the best web designer there is. So the creds, and expectations, are high.

Says Alvey on his new system: “It’s MovableType-(or TypePad)-meets-Salesforce.com, plus some amazing editorial research tools and the
functionality of a few other sites…The staff tools are all cross-platform and it’s just big in so many different ways.”

More on this later…


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