Blogbiz: Bubble Boy or Baron?

Jeff Jarvis dissects the new company, Weblogs Inc, which , of course, you first heard here: “It’s essentially a weblog syndicate for b2b blogs (in media, technology, business, life sciences — 100 in the first year, 500 in three years), offering hosting and other services; in return, he covers all his costs with the first cut of revenue and then splits profits 50/50 (by my calculations, he’s figuring each blog will pull in six figures). The Denton model, on the other hand, is to pay a pittance but pay nonetheless. The model is (or was) a combination: a guaranteed payment with a split of the upside. Take your pick. The question for any of them is whether there is sufficient advertising revenue to support anyone [my emphasis] in blogbiz. The answer: Not yet.”


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