Walt Mossberg loves the Treo 600


Okay I have seen a plastic mock-up which is part of the official invite for the launch. Just one quick question – when you are a money losing company like Palm/Handspring, how can you afford to spend $20 a pop on invites to reporters.

bq. Walt Mossberg gives props to the Treo 600:I’ve been carrying a Sprint Treo 600 around for a couple of weeks and I love it. It’s a great phone, an excellent mobile e-mail terminal and a full-fledged Palm-compatible PDA. I prefer it to any RIM BlackBerry model I have tested, and it blows away any of the PDA/phones based on Microsoft’s Pocket PC operating system.As we’ve said before, it looks like the Treo 600 is going to be the smartphone to beat this fall. [Gizmodo]

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