Redefining the word: DUMB


As part of my essential telecom related readings I visit a lot of websites. Some are smart, others funny and entertaining. But occasionally I come across some writers who are just plain dumb. For instance, this column by Martin Courtney, dubbed, Rural Broadband Rip-Off. Now this is a piece about Wi-Fi providers in rural England (I am assuming!!)

bq. Despite the problems with their services, there is a strong case for suggesting the operators of wireless broadband links are exploiting the lack of alternatives in some areas of the country to maximise profits. The laws of supply and demand dictate that the vendor sells its services at a premium when alternatives are scarce, and it seems that the broadband have-nots of rural areas are being asked to pay through the nose.

Which part of the Wi-Fi business Courtney does not understand, I wonder! For instance since Wi-Fi networks operate in license free part of the spectrum, anyone can set-up shop. So it cannot be monopolistic like the copper-loop or the coax-net. Having said that, he points out about the obvious benefits of Fixed Wireless. Carriers own the licensed spectrum in UK. Much like the US and other parts of the world. These carriers are not going to sit on something they have paid good money for and not rollout a service. It might be little bit more expensive than the Wi-Fi service, but better quality.

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