Sony to Introduce Online Music Service

(via Frank Barnako): Sony Group plans to launch an online music service, for users of its consumer electronics and mobile devices….Sony’s so-called “Net Music Download” plan will be launched next Spring in the US and Europe, following a launch in Japan.

Sir Howard Stringer, Sony vice-chairman and head of the group’s entertainment operations, speaking in Paris said: “Better digital rights management will allow us to protect and manage content.

Kunitake Ando, group president and COO, said the new music initiative would combine “efforts of our music, electronics and picture companies”. He added: “Only Sony can integrate such services with a total range of devices.” “Earlier Sony-backed digital music efforts, such as subscription company Pressplay–now a part of Roxio’s soon-to-be-launched Napster–have not had close connections to the electronics division.”

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