Dis*Content: A New Weblog Media Project In the Works


(this is a new series of insider happenings in the industry)

Jason McCabe Calacanis, the founder of the now-defunct Silicon Alley Reporter (SAR) magazine, is launching a new weblog media project…the exact details of the project are hush-hush for now, but he expects to launch it in a couple of weeks). The project will focus on the biz-tech space, and that’s all Calacanis is willing to disclose for now.

From sources I have spoken to, he is planning to get back together with some ex-SAR people, along with some new people, has plans to buy some existing trade weblogs, along with recruiting some well-known columnists away from other publications.

Calacanis said in an interview that the new project is bigger (and more professional) than anything that has been done before in the weblog media space (which, of course, doesn’t say much, with the sector still being so nascent). He still hasn’t decided his level of involvement with this new project: whether he will head the venture, or take a back seat to just promoting it.

“I think we’re seeing about 2 percent of the effect of weblogs right now, over the next year we will see 1/3rd of their effect but this is a three to five year
story,” said Calacanis.

Calacanis sold his company Rising Tide Studios, and the VentureReporter database of VC deals to Wicks Business Information, and is currently working with the company on special projects. But, according to sources, VentureReporter is still not doing well, and he is looking to get out, being the restless entrepreneur that he is.

(Disclaimer: I worked at Silicon Alley Reporter until Sept. 2002, where Calacanis was my CEO)

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